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Scheduled 1 week Whitetail Mounting Course

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3 Week Special Deer Mounting Course

Take a look at what I've got to offer and sign up for my taxidermy class that's specialized for the beginner. The goal at the end of this class is for you to be able to go into your own business right away. I teach how to do high quality commercial mounts which most students do not need my complete attention after their second deer mount with me, but are welcome to return to mount as many as they need in my shop. I provide all materials for all three mounts with the class rate but please take note that if you need or wish to mount more than 3 deer  THE STUDENT WILL HAVE TO COVER THE COST FOR ALL MAJOR MATERIALS. We will mount three deer in the class that you can take home to display in your upcoming business as an example to your customers of your work.

PRICE: $2500.00 for A-Z detailed instruction. You will take home three mounts.

I provide capes for re-capes if needed for up to 18" tight neck. Anything larger will be extra if there is a need for a larger cape. The price depends on the size needed. The students have to supply the antlers.

Two people may come as a team for the price of one. You will work as a team on the same mounts together.

PAYMENT: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a starting date and the remaining balance is due the first day before the class begins.If you are sending a check then I will hold the spot for you for four days until your payment arrives.

TIME and SCHEDULING: This class requires at least three trips. One week start and a time between (at least 1 week which allows time to order materials needed for the 2nd week). A third trip will be needed for mounting the third deer and a finishing class.This will require 3 days plus, depending on the students progress (usually set up on a weekend). Set your own date by going to the Class Schedule Page and pick any week that is available. If there is not a class written on the calendar then it is available. FOR STUDENTS THAT LIVE TO FAR AWAY TO MAKE MORE THAN ONE TRIP, SPECIAL SCHEDULING CAN BE ARRANGED TO GO STRAIT THROUGH THE COURSE.......

The First week needs to be set up from Monday to Friday but may or may not require the whole week depending on your progress and includes the following....

-Verbal instruction on proper field care, documentation, bagging and tagging for storage and laws of taxidermy for business.

-Hands-On Instruction of Inspecting the head (Cape) for any defects or problems (If we do not have a cape available then you may need to return for this when you have one due to lack of space to keep full heads in the freezer).

-Skinning the head from the skull (capeing) and sawing off the antlers to preserve them for mounting.

-Turning the lips, eyes, nose, ears and preparing the cape to send to a tannery or do home tanning. I will verbally discuss many home tanning systems but I will teach you the use of Krowtan or a Tann of your preference.The turning usually takes about three days.

-Shaving the cape with a shaving wheel and detail shaving around the eyes, nose and lips.The goal of this is to be sure you know how to use the tools but usually requires a lot of practice. However capes can be sent off to be done so you may skip doing this yourself if you wish and still start your business.

-The main goal here is to get at least the first two deer mounted.This week needs (if possible) to be set from Monday to Saturday although progress depends on each student.

-We will mount the first deer and every detail will be fully covered, this will take three to four days. You will do as much as half of the work. Everything is all hands on, no book smarts required!

-You will mount the second deer with my help as needed (I will turn you loose on the mount a little more). I have a step by step check off list to help as a reminder for each step. You will most likely need a lot of my help.

-Takes three to four days depending on the  progress of the student, but some students may need an extra week depending on their progress. (Note: There will be no added fee for extra instruction.)

-You will mount your third deer with my help only as needed. I try to instruct you verbally through problems if possible.
-We will finish one or two of the first deer that we mounted.

For any additional information please call me @ 706-789-3786 or 803-616-1959

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