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Quotes Tom's hands on instruction is unmatched. He demonstrates every aspect of the trade and ensures not to move too quickly. He is patient and passionate about making sure the student understands the processes and fine details. I enjoy every minute of instruction and conversation and look forward to having more instruction through workshops. Tom is not only a great teacher, he is a great friend and I enjoy spending time with him and Diane. Learn taxidermy with Tom at custom Taxidermy and you will learn it right and with confidence!! Thank you Tom!! Quotes
The Best!

Quotes My son and I took Tom's deer shoulder mount class in Aug 2014. His concept of teaching a team is genius. My son focused on learning the art of taxidermy while I concentrated on learning the business. Tom shared everything that he has learned over the years, especially those things he learned through trial and error. He was willing to answer any questions and entertain any ideas. He teaches commercial business applications to aid in increasing speed, thus increasing profitability. But he also alludes to competition applications, which increases quality. He told us that our work will look better than most being put out and he was right. The mounts that we took home, being the second and third that my son ever did, looked WAY BETTER than what we had paid to have done locally. I am excited to start our business (Toe-Tag Taxidermy in Bryceville, FL) and could not have gotten here without Tom. Quotes
Dawn Wrye
satisfied student

Quotes just finished tom,s class in march , on whitetail shoulder mounts, enjoyed the class very much , learned as much in 3 weeks as a it would have taken me years other wise. mr. tom and diana are wonderful down home country folks , now i have a second home away from home . If you are looking for a person to teach you taxidermy the easy way look no further than tom king ... very satisfied client,.. micheal louthan . Quotes
class of 2012

Quotes I took Tom's deer class and enjoyed it very much. Tom and his wife were always very hospitable and Tom has a great since of humor. I learned alot with this class and it gave me the knowledge and the skills needed. Great teacher and a great class! He has patience with beginners and is a joy to be around and to top it off his work looks great. Quotes
jeremy stanley
satisfied student

Quotes I enjoyed Mr. Tom's class, he has exciptional talents and shares things that would have taken years to learn elsewhere. Ms. Diane and Tom are very hospitable and open their home for students as if they were family. I am different than most students because of physical disabilities I have with a spinal injury, but we were innovative in finding ways to work around and over comming these problems.Tom always adapted thing to help. I feel comfortable in my mounting performance,and am thankful to have learned enough to have the opportunity to pursue somthing I enjoy. Tom and Diane are people I can truly call friends. Great course! Quotes
John Bear
Wildwoods Taxidermy

Quotes I live in Indiana and after I visited Tom's class while he was instructing a student, there was no doubt in my mind where I wanted to go. Tom is a very patient instuctor and has many different teaching styles to fit any personality. He is willing to take as much time or what ever it takes for you to learn the art of taxidermy. You can't go wrong with him. Tom and Diane are the kindest and most thoughtful couple you could ever meet and I know that I have made friends for life The southern hospitality they showed this old yankee was very unexpected but much appreciated. Thank you Tom for a great experience! John Alcock A\cock Taxidermy Quotes
John Alcock
Alcock Taxidermy

Quotes Tom is an absolute artist . I have brought my trophies to him for over ten years . The mounts that he did ten years ago are still perfect . I doubt that there is a more talented taxidermist in the state of Georgia ! Quotes
Greg Moore
satisfied customer

Quotes I attended toms classes and was very pleased with the way he works with you on a one on one basis.tom is a very patient man,and explains everything very well.even after i was gone and opened my shop he continues to help me.i have been open for my 3rd season,i am doing very well thanks to tom.anyone interested in opening a taxidermy shop should attend toms class,he is very reasonable with his rates and hours.i could go on and on,but to sum it all up,i would say he is like a five star hotel.thanks tom for alowing me to follow and carry out my dreams. Quotes
randy stewart
fullmoon taxidermy

Quotes We had a wonderful experience at Mr. Kings' school. The hospitality that we received, was second to none. The ability to have a one on one instructional environment is absolutely priceless. We could not have made a better choice to begin our taxidermy career, with a patient and knowledgeable instructor such as Mr. Tom King. We look forward to returning for more advanced instruction, and know that we will not be disappointed. Thank you Tom and Dianne. Quotes
Ryan & Tiffany Mangham
Satisfied customers

Quotes If your interested in learning the skill of taxidermy Mr. Tom King is an excellent choice. He will take the time to show you every step slowly and at your pace. He is very patient and is there to answer your questions at any time even after your class is over. Mr. Tom is top notch, you can't go wrong with him. Thanks alot Mr. Tom Kyle Warner Quotes
Satisfied Student